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Organic Agriculture India


Organic agriculture is achieved by enhancing good farming methods like crop rotation, pest control and composting. The soil productivity and pest control can be easily achieved by applying these methods effectively; organic agriculture uses fertilizers and pesticides that are non synthetic. Our company offers a wide range of agricultural products like pest controllers, plant growth promoters and many more.

The products offered by us for organic agriculture includes maple bokashi for agriculture, maple EM power, maple EM rich, maple termin, maple primo and various other agricultural chemicals. Maple EM Rich is a product offered by us in the organic fertilizer category as it helps the farmers to maintain and improve soil fertility.

For carrying out efficient organic agriculture Maple primo is one of the revolutionary plant growth promoter developed by us for increasing the root shoot ratio, increasing resistance in plants against diseases and thus providing more yield. This product is developed by fermentation of natural protein by EM technology, hence highly beneficial. In organic agriculture pest control is an important factor, for this reason we have developed maple termin. This product controls the pest level and helps in maintaining healthier plants.  

All these organic agricultural chemicals offered by us are formulated quality ingredients for providing our customers harmful products. These chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers offered by us helps in producing safe and nutritious food, controls the growth of pests effectively, increasing the organic matter and many more features. Our workman highly concentrate on organic agriculture thus provides quality products that are highly beneficial.

Organic Agriculture India, Organic Farming India, Organic Agriculture Training India
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