Animal feed supplement in India

A Guide to Animal feed supplement in India

When grazing conditions have become low, it may be necessary to supplement feed, which may include certain specially-designed treats that prevent waste in wet weather. This will ensure that animals have the best possible diets.

What do you mean by animal feed supplements?

In either the dry or the wet season, grazing animals are eligible for feed supplements, which are calcium, phosphate, and trace mineral mixes. When grazing has a shortage of nutrients and traces of minerals, they supplement it.

Advantages of Animal feed supplement in India

  • Increases animals fertility 

The appropriate kind and amount of food is supplied to your animals, which not only improves their fertility but also helps them fight off any problems with it.

  • Promotes overall growth

The animal’s general skeletal growth and structural development are both influenced by meal supplements. The animals must be fed on a regular timetable for this to occur correctly. 

  • Aids in optimal growth

The improvement of bones, bone strength, and the condition of joints in the skeletal system of animals depend on feed additives including minerals like calcium and phosphate.

  • It increases productivity

The right quality feed substances from reputable producers increase various bodily processes of animals, resulting in better productivity.

Some nutritious animal feed available in India are

  1. Pashuamrut– supplements as one of the best natural antibiotics for gut health and skin diseases.
  2. Animal Bokashi– best for the overall digestion and growth of your animal.

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