” Our ambition is to be the employer of choice – a company driven by providing Total Solution where innovation is a way of life “

Mr. Suhas Bhosle


Being a Part of Maple Orgtech India Ltd, I feel proud to be working for upliftment of Farmer and provide world class unique products to them for development structure & texture of soil organically through EM Technology, Not only Agriculture Segment but Maple Orgtech India Ltd provides unique products with better solution for the People who are working in Animal Husbandry, Poultry,, Fishery and Prawn Farming (Aquaculture), Water Treatment, Solid Waste segment also. Maple Orgtech Provides me freedom of work and continuous learning opportunities for personal and Professional development.

Mr. Tiken Pramanik

Jalpaiguri,West Bengal

Feeling so proud as a employee of Maple Orgtech India Ltd. I think one day our company will bring revolution in Organic Agriculture.

Mr. Siva Teja

Tamil Nadu

I am working in Maple Orgtech India limited for the past 13 years and I am getting wonderful experience of selling new concept products EM Technology. Developing this Technology with farmers is quite interesting to me. Here I have an opportunity to meet different category of people in different sectors and it induced me to enrich more and more knowledge and no where this kind of opportunity is  available. Still I am interested to learn more about EM Technology and share my ideas with others.