Industrial Effluent Treatment India

What are the stages involved in Industrial Effluent Treatment India?

Techniques for treating Industrial Effluent involve biological, chemical, and physical procedures. When treating industrial wastewater, different treatment stages are involved depending on the particular type and intensity of contamination.

Stages Involved in Industrial Effluent Treatment in India

Step 1. Preliminary Treatment

In this stage, big particles, such as grease, dirt, ticks, and rags, which could harm machinery or cause operating issues are eliminated. To get rid of these suspended solid contaminants, grit chambers, and bar screens are used.

Step 2. Primary TreatmentĀ 

Here, Suspended and settleable materials including organic debris and floating solids are removed. Pumps are used to remove and filter the sludge that collects at the bottom within the primary clarifier.

Step 3. Secondary TreatmentĀ 

Now, Biodegradable organic material and suspended solids are removed. Industrial Effluent Treatment in India uses the most popular biological aerobic technique, known as the “activated sludge process,” which successfully gets rid of around 85% of organic debris.

Step 4. Tertiary or Advanced TreatmentĀ 

Lastly, Industrial Effluent Treatment in India removes any leftover dissolved solids or suspended particles. To meet discharge criteria, it also enhances the quality of water that has been treated. To get rid of any unwanted germs, the treatment involves a procedure called disinfection.

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