Microorganisms in Bangladesh

How EM Technology in Bangladesh Helps in Farming?

Microorganisms have been present on our planet for years. Nowadays they are used in the soil and other segments for agricultural, animal husbandry and environmental purification systems. At Maple Orgtech India Ltd, we believe in promoting sustainable agricultural processes. With the help of EM technology and effective microorganisms in Bangladesh, we have improved the quality of natural soil, water, air and plants.

We at Maple Orgtech India Ltd use EM technology widely in agriculture, aquaculture, waste management, and health care.

Our use of EM technology in agriculture has benefited small-scale farmers. By adding EM to the soil, farmers can improve soil fertility, increase crop yields, and reduce the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

EM technology has also been used to produce organic fertiliser, which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than chemical fertilisers.

How do we use EM technology for aquaculture purposes?

Maple Orgtech India Ltd is bound to help farmers with the simplest possible solutions.
In aquaculture, EM technology is used to improve water quality and promote the growth of fish and shrimp. By adding EM to the water, fish farmers can reduce the build up of harmful bacteria and algae. This gives rise to fish diseases and poor water quality. EM technology has also been used to produce probiotics for fish and shrimp. This helps to improve their digestion and immune systems.

Control waste management with EM technology

EM technology has also been applied to waste management. By adding EM to organic waste, such as food waste and animal manure, the microorganisms can break down the waste and produce compost, which can be used as a soil conditioner. EM technology has also been used to treat wastewater, reducing pollutants and improving water quality.

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