Maple RootCare+

Maple RootCare+

Maple RootCare+ Is a novel blend of microbial and plant extract. Is an organic comprehensive solution to all the soil pests like white grubs, termites, wireworms and nematodes. Maple RootCare+ works quite effectively against all these pests through its unique mode of action through ingestion and also as contact properties. In ingestion, Maple RootCare+ enters the gut and damage the epithelial layers of the digestive system thereby resulting into septicemia leading to death of the pest. It also inhibits the chitin synthesis.

Advantages :
  • Eco-friendly, non toxic.
  • No harmful effects on beneficial insects like earthworms etc.
  • Target Specific
  • Free from pesticide residues

Quality Parameters:

• Appearance : Off white liquid.
• pH – 6.5-7.5
• Odour –Pungent odour
• Shelf life :2yrs

Dosage :

  • Dosage of 5ml/Lt water, mix it thoroughly to drench the soil infested with the pest, preferably at the base of the plant directed to its root zone. Use adequate volume of water depending on the nature of the soil, removing the nozzle of the sprayer. Repeat the application in case the pest infestation level is very high.
  • Recommended for all crops

Frequency and time of application :

Repeat the application at fortnightly intervals depending upon the infestation level.Works both as prophylactic and curative. Can be applied at the time of sowing or when the crop is 2-3 leaf stage when the roots are well established.


Presentation: 500 mL and 1 Litre.

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