Maple Set pH

An imbalanced state of ph in the aqua system can experience a variety of problems including aluminum (Al), hydrogen(H), and/ or manganese (mn) toxicity as well as nutrient deficiencies of calcium(Ca) and magnesium. It may also lead to growth retardation and higher fish mortality. Most of this can be avoided between a pH range of 5.5 to 7.5. The product Maple Set pH is designed with specially cultured organic matter with essential nutrients to correct or balance the system by providing a conducive ecosystem.

The major benefits of Maple Set pH are

  • The product has high buffering capacity and hence the ability to resist pH change.
  • The product typically has a high CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) are able to bind more cations such as Ca+ or K+ and also has greater buffering capacity.
  • The presence of large amounts of organic substances like humic acid, and amino acid blended with PGA and microbial extracts helps in lowering the precipitation and hence avoids the leaching of base-forming cations. This results in neutralizing the system.  
  • The consistent benefit of constituents present in the product is that it offers many negatively charged sites to bind H+ in an acidic condition or from which to release H+ in a basic condition. In both the cases pushing towards neutral.
  • It is rich in organic carbon which makes the system biologically active, continuously being decomposed by microorganisms thereby releasing many organically bound nutrients.

Dosage: 2 kg in 200 liters of water broadcasted evenly across an acre with a 1-meter pond depth.

Presentation: 1 kg.

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