Reducing odor, maintaining the health of livestock and decreasing incidence of disease are the major challenges for livestock industry. In order to solve these problems, it is important to maintain a conducive environment. However, overcrowded animal husbandry operations have become common in recent years. Due to overcrowding, animals are raised in a high stress environment with strong odors and poor hygienic conditions. Because of this, there is a risk of infectious outbreak and common measures against these tend to employ excessive use of antibiotics and disinfectants..

Merits of using EM products in animal husbandry

The primary benefit of using EM products in animal husbandry is that the various microorganisms contained in EM and metabolites produced by these microorganisms improve the microflora not only in barns, but also inside the bodies of animals. Spraying EM・1 inside the barn will improve hygiene for livestock. Also, mixing EM・1 into their drinking water and mixing EM Bokashi into their feed to condition the intestinal environment of livestock will have beneficial effects such as the prevention of disease.

Ref : EMRO,Japan