EM Technology

This EM technology acts as an important and beneficial tool for maintaining and carrying out disposable waste management. The EM technology was first successful for serving itself as an alternative for chemical fertilizers and pesticides further it has expanded itself for industrial effluent treatments, sewage treatments and many more hose hold applications.

In this EM technology process the main microbes that takes part are lactobacillus, photosynthetic bacteria and yeast. The microbes are processed by EMRO personnel with keen consideration and standards in maple orgtech plant.  The microorganisms used for this EM technology are not harmful, non pathogenic etc; with all this considerations our company has developed different products like plant growth promoters, waste management products and many more.

Over the years EM technology is widely appreciated in various parts of the world in different sectors like agriculture, industrial treatments, wastewater treatments, in sectors where control of foul odors is needed and many more. The EM technology benefits waste water management in different ways like reducing the foul odor in treated effluent, neutralizes waste water, Suppression of Total Coli and E Coli, reduction of sludge and reduces the spreading of germs.

In industrial treatments and centralized applications EM technology helps in suppressing the harmful gases and decomposing bio degradable waste. Maple primo is one of the plant growth promoter that is developed by fermentation of natural protein by EM technology; this product ensures the utilization of nutrients that are available in the soil and increases the yield.  Maple EM products offered by us are widely used in many ETP, hotel/restaurants, food processing industries, Hospitals and Municipal corporations.