February 28, 2023

It is a known fact that agriculture is the mainstay in India. It is one of the important professions which employs a large number of people. In such a diverse country, different types of crops are yielded. These depend on the character of the soil and water requirements.

Why Biofertilizers?

To enrich the quality of the product and protect those from microbes, fertilizers are commonly used. These are generally made of synthetic materials and chemicals. If not applied properly, the fertilizer may hamper the quality of the crops. As a solution, many farmers use biofertilizers.

Importance of Biofertilizers in Agriculture

Biofertilizers are very important for agricultural activities. Sourcing these agricultural bioproducts in India from a trusted source can benefit farmers. These advantages are discussed in the following parts of this blog.

Non-Toxic: Compared to regular fertilizers, biofertilizers are much more nature friendly. These are made of non-toxic raw materials. So one can apply them to their crops without worries. Natural materials are known to accelerate plant development effectively.

Soil Enrichment: As biofertilizers are made from organic materials, they contain microbes. The microbes play an instrumental role in distributing Nitrogen to the crops. This also helps bind the soil particles. It is done through the expansion of exterior hyphae.

Cost Effective: When someone compares the biofertilizers with others, they would find a stark difference between their costs. It can fit the budget requirements of the farmers effectively. This enables them to use an eco-friendly material instead of synthetic fertilizers made of harmful chemicals.

Gives Plant the Right Nutrients: One can use liquid fertilizers like Rhizobium to effectively increase a crop’s height. The fertilizer can provide necessary nutrients to the plants. These include Chlorophyll, Protein, Carbohydrates and others. This helps increase the number of leaves, enriching the soil and branches of a tree.

For all these features, biofertilizers are a primary choice of standard fertilizers. Sourcing these important agriculture bioproducts in India are crucial. One can get help from Maple Orgtech India Ltd. We are one of the trusted sources who can provide eco-friendly solutions for agriculture, pisciculture and agriculture. Farmers can get sustainable agricultural products from our end. To learn more, one can visit our website.