Waste Water Treatment In India

Importance of Waste Water Treatment In India

There has been a gradual increase in industries and factories in India, resulting in a significant problem that affects both the atmosphere and the economy as a whole. According to research findings, the pollution caused by pharmaceutical waste is a worldwide issue that is potentially harming the ecology of the worldwide waters. Considering the huge scale that exists in the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, a structure that limits the levels of antibiotic waste in the disposal waters of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and healthcare institutions needs to be implemented immediately.

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Damages caused by improper Waste Water Treatment in India

Water pollution affects people because excrement in water sources can spread diseases like hepatitis. Due to poor drinking water treatment and inappropriate water, infectious diseases like cholera along with other illnesses can constantly develop.
Approximately half of the world’s rivers include active pharmaceutical compounds, which might speed the emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and have disastrous consequences for public health.
Pollution of the water system affects the food chain. Cadmium and lead are two toxic substances that can be found in contaminated water; when these pollutants are eaten by animals (like fish), they can cause further disruptions to the food chain.

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