What is EM ?

EMāˆ—Ā is a people-friendly and environmentally safe product of EMRO (EM Research Organization) that achieves synergistic effects by combining beneficial microorganisms which exist in nature, such as lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria. It was developed byĀ Professor Teruo HigaĀ in 1982. EMāˆ—Ā activates local and native microorganisms that live in soil and water and maximizes their natural power. EMāˆ—Ā brand represents a line of microbial products that are used in numerous fields includingĀ agriculture,Ā animal husbandry, environmental purification and health care in more than 100 countries around the world.
EMāˆ—Ā is a trademark and a brand name owned by EMRO, and is used on a variety of products.

EM enhances the diversity of microorganisms

Healthy soil and clean water are maintained by the diversity and balance of the community of microorganisms within them. For example, when the balance of microorganisms in the soil is disrupted, soil will be impoverished and crops will not grow well. However, if native microorganisms are activated, soil conditions will improve. When the soil microbiology is in balance, plants will be healthy, thus more resistant to damage caused by stressors such as disease or harmful insects.

In polluted rivers, species that cannot survive in a degraded environment die out and the ecosystem becomes degraded. Conversely, if the diversity of microorganisms is rich, natureā€™ s self-purifying ability is enhanced and clean water will return. The reason that EM can solve the problems it does is that EM restores a healthy balance of microorganisms in the ecosystem, thereby increasing its self-purification ability.

Good microbiomes are the key to good personal and environmental health

In recent years, many researchers have been focusing less on the activity of single-strains of microorganisms and more on aggregates of microorganisms called microbiomes. InĀ agriculture, it has become apparent that when soil microbiomes are healthy, they will enrich the soil. Healthy aquatic microbiomes will help maintain theĀ environmental purification capabilities of rivers and other bodies of water.

Microbiome studies have shown that quadrillions of microorganisms live within and on the human body and that these microorganisms make a significant difference to human health. Many of them live in the human gut and affect not only peopleā€™ s physical health, but also their mental condition.

EM can be used anywhere in the world

EM, which treats microorganisms as aggregates, was developed long before microbiome science caught the worldā€™ s attention and its effectiveness has been demonstrated for three decades across the globe on fields in tropical and cold temperate regions. The beneficial effects of EM is produced when the groups of microorganisms inĀ EM惻1, including lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria, activate native microorganisms in the environment and harness their intrinsic power.

Ref : EMRO,Japan.